Abstract art is in its element

Urban Malm is a Swedish artist living with his family in Linkoping. When asked how long he has painted himself, he replies that he always has been painting. Mainly in oil, of which he is very talented and his work is very popular.

He has an eye for detail, color and shape and it is clearly evident when one views his work. In the early 2000s, Urban started painting with a very special color, a kind of oil, vegetable oil-based. The paint hardens and becomes hard and shiny, almost like a carpaint. The result is modern art in bright, contrasting colors, where the motives are abstract. Many who see these paintings have a sense of design a la 21:st century and the very largest paintings, the dimensions of 150x110 cm, is best as the rooms major focus, the sole dominant on a large wall, with the right light.
Which takes Urban 1-2 months to create. The technology is advanced and the colour is built up with layer-upon layer technology, using among other things, various palette knives.

Urban only paints when he feels positive tendencies and his drive is in creating new works and to continually develop their artistic talent. It is also in the run he finds his inspiration.

His art has been among friends and acquaintances appreciated for many years, but it was not until 2007 that he really understood that it was so popular that it was time to put together his first show and seriously invest in art.
This resulted in the exhibition "Colors of Time" Since then there has been several exhibitions that have been much appreciated.

Urban Art is currently in great demand and for those who want to invest in todays and tomorrows art, he hopes that you will find it works to suit you!

Fan selection

My favorite paintings by Urban Malm - Lars Jahnson, Halmstad, Sweden

"Way back in 2008 I got in touch with Urban at an early stage and it has been a delight to se him grow and develop, to what now only can be described as a master of his own craft. Fantastic paintings made without a singe stroke of a brush... hand-made and created with curiosity and new ideas."

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